Predicting the weather

It looks like the weather guessers got it wrong again today.  What they said should have been 1 inch of snow followed by a lot of rain has turned into 5-6″ of snow, and still snowing.  It appears the new prediction shows it switching to an “icy mix” before pausing, then resuming heavy snow this afternoon.  Current prediction is for a total of 10-12 inches on the ground by tomorrow morning.  Sure is pretty, though.

I’ve always found weather trends rather interesting.  I’d really like to install something like this around the homestead, but have never been willing to drop the cash.  I think having a bunch of microclimate specific trend data available could be useful when it comes to gardening and such.

I’m also wondering how it would be possible for the post-apocalyptic survivor to predict coming weather.

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Cop killer bullets, plastic guns, and machine guns

I happened to see Friday’s Real Time with Bill Maher, with Rachel Maddow on the panel. A “discussion” of Reaganomics eventually devolved into gun bashing with a little help from the host.  Maddow made the following comment that simulatenously set my teeth on edge and made me laugh:

We banned cop-killer bullets that were designed to go through body armor.  We banned plastic guns that are designed to evade metal detectors.  We banned machine guns.

That kind of ill-informed statement is a big part of the reason we’re burdened with the stupid anti-freedom laws we have today:  anti-gunners don’t know what they’re talking about.  It’s also what makes them so dangerous.  Shoulder thing that goes up, anyone?

Here’s the video.  Anti gun discussion rant starts at 4:11. (The fact that they’re arguing Reaganomics with Reagan’s Budget Director quietly watching is rather amusing.)

During the Bush administration I actually found Maher funny, even if I didn’t agree with most of what he said.  Now that Obama is in power, Maher just spews hate and venom at both parties.  I find it odd.

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Glock magazines

I’m not in the market, since I’ve had 6 years to acquire what I need, but since I just heard Rep. Caroline McCarthy has introduced legislation to ban “high capacity” magazines, I went to see if anyone was price gouging (specifically on Glock mags).  What I found was most of my regular vendors are already sold out in common calibers.

McCarthy’s bill includes one major change from the 1994 language.  It prohibits the transfer of already existing magazines – there wouldn’t be any “pre-ban” magazines legally available for sale.  You might want to check it out:  Link.

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The Arizona shooting

I’ve refrained from discussing the Arizona shooting, although it lead to some interesting discussions in my house.

LawDog’s post on the subject needs to be spread far and wide.

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Constitutional Congress

As one of the first activities of the 112th House of Representatives is to read aloud the Constitution of the Unities States of America.

About damn time.

And this might be the best part:

The House on Wednesday approved a package of rules for the 112th Congress […] that includes a provision mandating that all bills cite their constitutional authority.
Again, about damn time.
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Gift Review

This past gift giving season, I received from my wife the gift of motorless transportation:  A Trek 7100 bicycle.  It’s a “hybrid” bike, not quite a mountain bike, not quite a road bike.  It seems to be a decent mix thereof.

Since today’s temperatures where in the high 40s, I took it for a short spin down the local bike path, a 5.5 mile journey according to the little computer strapped to the handlebars.  It handled pretty nicely, considering that I haven’t seriously ridden a bike in 10+ years.  I cruised at 14mph (again according to the computer) with no difficulty.  I’ll be interested to see how fast I can get ‘er goin’ once I’m more comfortable on it.

Obviously, this has some potential from a survival consideration:  transportation once fuel runs out, silent recon, another bug out option.  From a more practical standpoint, it’s a good source of exercise and recreation.

Of course as with all things with me, this will require accessorizing, modifying, customizing and stocking supplies.  In no particular order, I see the need for:

  • Helmet and other PPE
  • Front and rear lighting
  • A trailer for the child or gear
  • spare tires & tubes, maybe airless
  • Rack and Panniers
  • Car carrier

I’m looking forward to getting some good miles on board.

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Happy New Year

Another year in the record books….

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Found a new survival blog: TEOTWAWKI Blog.  Of course, the most recent post trashes the solo survivalist concept, so maybe not! 😉

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Do yourself a favor…

Don’t ever add up the amount of money you’ve spent on guns.

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Sharing a great post:

dispatches from TJICistan: getting things done

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