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Predicting the weather

It looks like the weather guessers got it wrong again today.  What they said should have been 1 inch of snow followed by a lot of rain has turned into 5-6″ of snow, and still snowing.  It appears the new … Continue reading

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Cop killer bullets, plastic guns, and machine guns

I happened to see Friday’s Real Time with Bill Maher, with Rachel Maddow on the panel. A “discussion” of Reaganomics eventually devolved into gun bashing with a little help from the host.  Maddow made the following comment that simulatenously set … Continue reading

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Glock magazines

I’m not in the market, since I’ve had 6 years to acquire what I need, but since I just heard Rep. Caroline McCarthy has introduced legislation to ban “high capacity” magazines, I went to see if anyone was price gouging … Continue reading

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The Arizona shooting

I’ve refrained from discussing the Arizona shooting, although it lead to some interesting discussions in my house. LawDog’s post on the subject needs to be spread far and wide.

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Constitutional Congress

As one of the first activities of the 112th House of Representatives is to read aloud the Constitution of the Unities States of America. About damn time. And this might be the best part: The House on Wednesday approved a … Continue reading

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Gift Review

This past gift giving season, I received from my wife the gift of motorless transportation:  A Trek 7100 bicycle.  It’s a “hybrid” bike, not quite a mountain bike, not quite a road bike.  It seems to be a decent mix … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

Another year in the record books….

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Found a new survival blog: TEOTWAWKI Blog.  Of course, the most recent post trashes the solo survivalist concept, so maybe not! 😉

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Do yourself a favor…

Don’t ever add up the amount of money you’ve spent on guns.

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Sharing a great post: dispatches from TJICistan: getting things done

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