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Enemies Foreign and Domestic

I’ve previously posted about Matt Bracken’s EFAD trilogy, of which I’m a fan.  Well, here is your chance to download a copy for free.  On March 1, Bracken is reducing the price on the Kindle version of the first book … Continue reading

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Mainstay Rations

On my last Amazon purchase, I threw a Mainstay Survival Ration bar in the cart.  I’ve wanted to try them for a while.  I’ve been considering grabbing a few to throw in the GHB in the car. The bar has … Continue reading

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Well, that was weird.

Just felt my first earthquake.  I’m a long way from central Virginia.

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Goodbye to a friend

We made the sad decision earlier this week to take Maggie for the final vet visit.  She would have been 12 years old next month – we had her from about 10 weeks old.  But, her body had worn out: … Continue reading

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Rattlecan Camo, Part 2

Well as usual life got in the way of pleasure…  Anyway, I finally got around to trying out the MultiCam paint job on a rifle.  Excuse the poor cell phone picture, I was being lazy.  I think the rifle looks … Continue reading

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Rattlecan Camo

Recently I’ve been poking around the Lightfighter Forums.  One post that caught my eye was this one on painting your rifle.  I’ve also been going through a recent gear whore phase.  As we all know, any self-respecting gear whore must … Continue reading

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Half a million calories

I’ve been working on increasing my long-term storage food recently.  In reading around ARFcom’s Survival Forum, I came across a link for Emergency Essentials‘ Food Storage Analyzer. It is an absolutely great tool for understanding how long the food you … Continue reading

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New Orchard

Winter seems to be coming to an end, despite an April Fools’ Day snowfall.  I spent the past weekend spreading mulch across the landscaping.  I also got my “orchard” started – 3 young apple trees.  I’ve planted Macoun, Empire, and … Continue reading

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The final measurement

Once the white stuff stopped falling, I measured 17.5 inches in my driveway.  Not even close to the “forecasted” 4-8″.  Useless.

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Honeyville Grains

Honeyville Grains is a great company for freeze dried storage-type foods.  I keep some of their FD fruits, vegetable, and eggs around.  The combination cases are great for variety; Full & half cases, as well as individual cans are available … Continue reading

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