About SoloSurvivalist

Now that I’ve got a web host, my new web site is off the ground.

I realize the name may turn some people off, so let me make a few things clear right from the get-go.

This site is about disaster preparedness. We discuss and practice a preparedness lifestyle, which includes preparing for all type of events, including natural, man-made, financial, and societal disasters. This includes everything from hurricanes and tornados to chemical spills to economic depression to riots and civil unrest.

This site is NOT about overthrowing a legal government, tin-hat conspiracy theories, aliens, racism and “hate crimes”, or any of the other nonsense so frequently associated with the word survivalist. Everything here is above board and legal for the area in which I live.

That said, I am a political person with strong opinions. This is my site, so I will not hesitate to voice my opinions. If you do not like my words or thoughts, click the little X in the upper right corner of your screen and forget about me.

I will discuss firearms and their legal uses in target shooting, hunting, and self-defense on this site, both as part of a solid preparedness plan, as well as my personal hobbies. I do not believe that violence is the solution to every problem. Actually, I think violence is the solution to very, very few problems, and is an absolute last resort. I fervently hope that the day never comes where I need to defend myself or my family with violence. However, if that day comes, I will respond with sudden and overwhelming force. I will not be happy about it, but I will do what is necessary to survive. Afterall, that is the whole purpose of this site.

This site is a learning exercise. I invite you to learn with me, and prepare yourself for whatever happens.

Update 4/30/2008: I don’t use this site to shill for products or sites that you think may be interesting to my readers. Please don’t contact me to request I link to you for your own benefit.

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