Enemies Foreign and Domestic

I’ve previously posted about Matt Bracken’s EFAD trilogy, of which I’m a fan.  Well, here is your chance to download a copy for free.  On March 1, Bracken is reducing the price on the Kindle version of the first book to FREE!  The “goal is to make the spike in the number of free Kindle downloads for Enemies Foreign And Domestic so dramatic, that the national media will notice the passionate interest in this “dangerous and seditious” novel among the bitter clingers.”  You may recall the opening scenes of EFAD which seemed so unlikely.  Compare that to “Operation Fast and Furious”.  It’s an interesting correlation.

Anyway, details here, direct from the horse’s mouth.  Downloads begin on March 1.

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  1. Mark Tarson says:

    Countdown to Operation EFAD on March 1, 2012 tying the media’s hypocrisy on their non-coverage of Fast and Furious. Don’t forget to download your FREE Kindle copy of Enemies Foreign and Domestic and help the cause.

    Tarson out

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