Mainstay Rations

On my last Amazon purchase, I threw a Mainstay Survival Ration bar in the cart.  I’ve wanted to try them for a while.  I’ve been considering grabbing a few to throw in the GHB in the car.

The bar has the consistency of a dense cookie, not too hard, barely oily, and with a slight lemony flavor.  I had no hesitation at all about eating it.  It comes pre-cut into 2-inch cubes, each a nominal 400 calories.  The individual cubes are not wrapped inside the vacuum-packed mylar.  They are available in 1200, 2400, and 3600 calorie packs.

For their designed purpose they seem perfect.  I think they will hold up quite well banging around in the car, even with the temperature extremes they will experience.  Recommended!

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  1. Jeffrey C. Anthony says:

    Put these through some abuse and you’ll find the packaging is not as durable as it might at first seem. Carried one for giggles in my travel luggage (pelican case, not a tool box) for 2 weeks, one round trip flight per week, the package ended up open from moving around so much. Good if they are kept in a place where they wont knock into other items and have no room to move. Datrex rations hold up better to abuse, tend to be cheaper, and have their 200 cal. bars individuallly wrapped inside the 2400 or 3600 packs.

  2. Thanks for the info, Jeffrey. I’ll check out the Datrex too.

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