Rattlecan Camo

Recently I’ve been poking around the Lightfighter Forums.  One post that caught my eye was this one on painting your rifle.  I’ve also been going through a recent gear whore phase.  As we all know, any self-respecting gear whore must love MultiCam.  Add these pieces together, and it becomes a bloggable project. 

Based on that post, I decided that I was going to paint one of my rifles.  First things first, I ordered some spray paint from Brownell’s – specifically the Aervoe recommended by Pat Rogers.  Instead of using the camo net as suggested, I made a vaguely MultiCam looking template from a manilla file folder.  This was just shapes drawn free-hand, and cut out with an exacto knife.  Nobody will mistake me for an artist.  This was by far the most time consuming part of this project.




Now, rifles are kind of expensive, and I’m not crazy about the idea of ruining one with my first attempt at this, so I decided to try this on a couple of magazines first.  I set them out in the sun for a little while, then hit them with a base coat of “Sand” colored paint.  Let that dry for a few minutes, than blasted them with a few broad sweeping strokes of “Earth Brown”.  That gave us the look to the left.






So far, so good.  Few more minutes of drying, then a coat of “Marine Green” through the template.






Looking good!  Little bit of drying, and next up comes “Dark Green”.









Nice!  Dry, then apply the Olive Drab:









Fantastic! Let that dry for about an hour in the sun, and we’re done.  Wonder how it compares to MultiCam?  Me too, let’s take a look:Pretty passable if you ask me.  I think that’s enough proof of concept that I’m going to give it a shot with a rifle.  Maybe next week – stay tuned!

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