Predicting the weather

It looks like the weather guessers got it wrong again today.  What they said should have been 1 inch of snow followed by a lot of rain has turned into 5-6″ of snow, and still snowing.  It appears the new prediction shows it switching to an “icy mix” before pausing, then resuming heavy snow this afternoon.  Current prediction is for a total of 10-12 inches on the ground by tomorrow morning.  Sure is pretty, though.

I’ve always found weather trends rather interesting.  I’d really like to install something like this around the homestead, but have never been willing to drop the cash.  I think having a bunch of microclimate specific trend data available could be useful when it comes to gardening and such.

I’m also wondering how it would be possible for the post-apocalyptic survivor to predict coming weather.

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One Response to Predicting the weather

  1. irishdutchuncle says:

    it took me a little by surprise. usually i take the snow brush into work with me, so i’ll have it in hand when i return to the car… but i was expecting rain.

    it took me two hours to get home from work. (twenty miles, plus or minus) trying to get back to the plant tonight should be interesting…

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