Honeyville Grains

Honeyville Grains is a great company for freeze dried storage-type foods.  I keep some of their FD fruits, vegetable, and eggs around.  The combination cases are great for variety; Full & half cases, as well as individual cans are available for stocking up.  I can also say from first hand experience that their customer service is excellent.  I had a case go missing in transit, and it was immediately replaced.  Their flat shipping rate ($4.49 on any order!) and regularly e-mailed discount codes makes placing an order less painful.

The impetus for this post, however, is the mug of their Gourmet Hot Cocoa sitting on the desk in front of me. Absolutely a wonderful treat for a snowy day.  Mix with milk instead of water and it’s rich, creamy, and borderline sinful.  It is available in 10 different flavors,  and as a 12 can variety case.  I can heartily recommend the mint, orange and raspberry flavors.  I also endorse the Mexican variety now sitting in front of me, which may have become my new favorite.

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