Gift Review

This past gift giving season, I received from my wife the gift of motorless transportation:  A Trek 7100 bicycle.  It’s a “hybrid” bike, not quite a mountain bike, not quite a road bike.  It seems to be a decent mix thereof.

Since today’s temperatures where in the high 40s, I took it for a short spin down the local bike path, a 5.5 mile journey according to the little computer strapped to the handlebars.  It handled pretty nicely, considering that I haven’t seriously ridden a bike in 10+ years.  I cruised at 14mph (again according to the computer) with no difficulty.  I’ll be interested to see how fast I can get ‘er goin’ once I’m more comfortable on it.

Obviously, this has some potential from a survival consideration:  transportation once fuel runs out, silent recon, another bug out option.  From a more practical standpoint, it’s a good source of exercise and recreation.

Of course as with all things with me, this will require accessorizing, modifying, customizing and stocking supplies.  In no particular order, I see the need for:

  • Helmet and other PPE
  • Front and rear lighting
  • A trailer for the child or gear
  • spare tires & tubes, maybe airless
  • Rack and Panniers
  • Car carrier

I’m looking forward to getting some good miles on board.

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2 Responses to Gift Review

  1. irishdutchuncle says:

    nice bike!
    i think the helmet is a good idea. you’re setting a positive example for the kids that see you. gloves, with thick palms should be part of your PPE. (i really hate scrapes on my hands) until you get the airless tires, i’d also include a frame pump.

    bike carriers show up in the thrift stores all the time.

  2. Very nice gift! was looking at a trek similar to this, its always nice to have some motorless transportation just in case.

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