Cop killer bullets, plastic guns, and machine guns

I happened to see Friday’s Real Time with Bill Maher, with Rachel Maddow on the panel. A “discussion” of Reaganomics eventually devolved into gun bashing with a little help from the host.  Maddow made the following comment that simulatenously set my teeth on edge and made me laugh:

We banned cop-killer bullets that were designed to go through body armor.  We banned plastic guns that are designed to evade metal detectors.  We banned machine guns.

That kind of ill-informed statement is a big part of the reason we’re burdened with the stupid anti-freedom laws we have today:  anti-gunners don’t know what they’re talking about.  It’s also what makes them so dangerous.  Shoulder thing that goes up, anyone?

Here’s the video.  Anti gun discussion rant starts at 4:11. (The fact that they’re arguing Reaganomics with Reagan’s Budget Director quietly watching is rather amusing.)

During the Bush administration I actually found Maher funny, even if I didn’t agree with most of what he said.  Now that Obama is in power, Maher just spews hate and venom at both parties.  I find it odd.

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