Friday’s Shooty Goodness

I took the day off on Friday to meet with some friends whom I don’t get to see nearly enough due to insufficient proximity.  Our meeting place was one where we could shoot the large number of guns between us.  A tiny sampling:

We had a bunch of good firsts amongst us:  for many, first time shooting muzzleloaders, and first time shooting an IDPA qualifier course; for all, first time shooting suppressed, the .458 SOCOM and (I think) the 7mm Magnum.  We had a bunch of good thumpers there, I’m still sore in the shoulder.

Running the .458 SOCOM was excellent.  I’m pretty sure I squealed and giggled like a little girl the first time it went off.  After some false starts (Aimpoints have a particular orientation!), we got it sighted in at 50 yards.  I’m very happy with the purchase, and now need to get my reloading gear setup so I can start churning out ammo – that stuff is expensive!

The suppressor my friend brought was also excellent.  After the first shot, I think we were all convinced to add one to the stable.  With subsonic ammo, it was hearing safe – you heard the action cycle, and the bullet hit the berm.  Not much else.

As far as I’m concerned, good times were had by all – I’m looking forward to doing it again.

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One Response to Friday’s Shooty Goodness

  1. Jason Krywicki says:

    Good times were most definitely had by all. Shhhhhhh…….

    We certainly need to do it more often.

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