Range trip with co-workers

A gentleman in my department at work recently had a late night knock at the door that left him a little rattled. As a result, he decided to acquire a handgun. He made the rounds of the department asking people’s opinions on what to get. This had the effect of shaking several closeted gun owners out into the light. As a result, several of us hit the range after work last week to turn some money into noise.

Of the six of us, one had never fired a gun before; one, only once before; one only had hunting shotguns; two each had a pistol that they shot on occasion (a SIG 228, and a 9mm S&W); and me. I ended up in the role of coach for the new shooters, which worked out quite well. I brought a handful of pistols for people to try. No surprise (to me), the Glock 20 was a big hit. Everyone was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to shoot, and how accurate it is. Personally, I put less than 50 rounds downrange. That was easily made up for by the new guys having a great time.

The unintended consequence here was that I tipped my hand a little too far in regards to just how much I know about firearms. I’ve never hidden the fact that I shoot “recreationally”. However, now I’m getting questions from many people about carry permits, C&R FFLs, self & home defense, opinions on different firearms, what ammo to use, and recommendations for local gun shops. Depending on the tone of the conversation, I usually manage to slip in a little history of gun control, some information on current gun politics, and recommendations for good training.

Every little bit helps the cause!

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