Orion Arms

I recently sent an AR-15 receiver out to Orion Arms to be engraved with SBR markings. I was very happy with the results, the price was excellent, and the turn around was very fast – just 9 days door to door. I highly recommend them, and will use them again in the future.


As a rather funny aside, when I shipped the receiver, I wanted to make sure that I didn’t need to make any special declarations. I approached the woman behind the UPS counter, handed her a box about the size of a paperback book, and asked if I needed to do anything special to ship a rifle to a manufacturer. She looked at the box, looked at me like I had 3 heads, and asked “This is a rifle?”. I went through the whole spiel: non-functional, just the regulated part, shipping to a manufacturer. She said, “So there’s a rifle in this box?”. I found it funny. At any rate, no ammo so no declarations & no problems!

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