Extra Stabby!

I recently placed an order with LA Police Gear for some clothing items. On a whim, I added a Gerber Guardian knife to my cart. It arrived yesterday:

It’s a nice little dagger, double edged with a very sharp point. The blades were not as sharp as I would have liked out of the box, so I immediately went to work on them with diamond and Arkansas stones. Reprofiled to 20 degrees, it now borders on scary sharp. It comes with a nice rigid sheath, with metal clip and adjustable tension.

Not surprisingly, carrying a rigid sheath in a boot is not that comfortable. It might work well in-waist band, or small of back. I’m not sure how useful a boot knife really is, so at the very least it is a nice addition to the collection.

By the way, I recognize that if I’m resorting to fighting with a knife, I’m pretty well screwed.

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