Snow Day, Round 2

Another nor’easter is moving in the next couple of hours, with estimated snow fall in the 18-24 inch range. A lot of places have already announced closures for tomorrow. The wife and I have made plans to hunker down at home with the kid, and ride it out.

Update: 2/10/10, 0900
Woke up to about 5 inches of heart attack snow on the ground, wet, heavy snow. Cleared the driveway, sidewalks and cars in anticipation of the next dump, predicted to start in earnest around noon local time.

Update: 2/10/10, 1825
About 16 inches of new snow down, still heavy and wet. We’ve had a couple of branches fall off of trees, including a big one off of our maple tree that fell across the power line. Fortunately the line held, although we’ve experienced several brown outs. The wife is preparing to bug out to a local hotel with the baby if the lights go out. If we can get her there.

Update: 2/10/10, 2330
The snow seems to have ceased. We’ve had a couple more brief power outages, but nothing substantial. Wife and baby are firmly ensconced in their own beds upstairs. The accumulation is substantial. I’m going to get some pictures tomorrow. This kind of global warming snowfall deserves to be recorded for posterity.

Final Update
The official total for the town was 23.5 inches.

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