Cleaning up

This is not a snow post…

I’ve spent the last two days preparing my house for sale. One “task” was to clean and organize the basement. The basement is the home for all of my “stuff” – guns, magazines, ammo, reloading gear, tools, food storage, survival library, and the like. To say this was an overwhelming task is an understatement.

Generally, I’m pretty organized. At the very least, I know which pile to dig through to put my hands on something. I prefer to have things stacked and labeled, but that doesn’t always happen as I get busy.

So, I began digging through gear, put all my (paper) magazines in a box, all my AR magazines in a box, all my HK91 magazines in a box, bullets over here, loading gear over there, tools in this box, canning equipment and supplies in those boxes, outdoor equipment, garden seeds, matches, plumbing supplies, electrical supplies…. All into boxes, all labeled, all hauled to an off-site storage unit. I certainly made the bunker look bigger.

I still need to straighten up some things, and try to hide the balance of the gun stuff. Having strangers walking through my house doesn’t make me terribly comfortable, but it is a necessary evil to selling. I will likely have the movers empty the storage unit, which means strangers who know what I have and where I live…. Maybe I’ll get some of that out in advance.

The upshot to this nastiness is a) better organization, and b) better house & property. Going to be a good time – I’m very excited about this move.


On a snow note, predictions are for 4-8 inches of snow tomorrow!

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