Proof of Life

Just a quick note to say (once again) that this blog is not yet defunct.

We had a pleasant holiday with the wife’s family last week, and are now beginning preparations for the annual gift giving holiday just around the corner.

I had opportunity a few weeks ago to visit with a friend I don’t get to see often enough, and spend some time turning money into noise with a nice variety of handguns. Further, I have plans to do the same with another friend in a few weeks, only with rifles. All of us are attempting to identify the proper shooty school Firearms Training Academy to attend in 2010.

My boss is strongly encouraging me to use the little vacation time I have left before I lose it to the end of the year, while simultaneously blocking my efforts by throwing me into a year-end audit and requiring several weekends of off-hours maintenance work. Ah, the glorious life of a professional computer geek.

And a link: If I ever get around to building a home, I still think something like Quad-Lock ICF is the way to go!

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