We are out there

My wife and I are beginning the process of moving to a bigger house. Today we went and looked at a home that we found on the internet, and met most of our requirements. The only reason I mention it here is because the house had some unusual features that screamed “prepared” to me. (Might have screamed “paranoid” to others, like the realtor!)

– 3.5 acre hillside lot, southern exposure, entirely fenced, with an automatic gate across the driveway. It offered a fairly uninviting feel from the street, with “No trespassing” and “24 hour video surveillance” signs at the end of the driveway. Even though I was expected, approaching the house made me little uncomfortable. I consider that an unexpected selling point.

– As indicated above, it’s already wired up with perimeter CCTV cameras.

– Dual 200-amp electrical service, including power to the 12×24′ “shed”. Which houses the back-up generator.

– Built in air compressor in the heated garage with drops to the basement workshop.

– The basement workshop was probably the most unusual feature. It was accessed through a heavy door on a magnetic lock, that was controlled through a ScramblePad. You don’t see that in many houses. The realtor made a point of telling us, several times, that it was put in by the original owner, and not the current owner. She though he might have had guns or something. You could almost taste her fear – little did she know.

It was an interesting house to view, with some potential. It was also nice to see some other survivalists blending into society.

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