Pondering a pocket gun; Fall; Concrete buildings

I’ve stopped at the gun store several times in the last couple of months, including yesterday, to put my hands on a Kel-Tec P3AT. It’s a nice little gun, damn tiny, and would drop right into a pocket. I would like a pocket gun to carry when I can’t carry a gun. Loaded with 80gr CorBon DPX, this gun gets about the same performance as a snubby .38, in a smaller package, and with faster reloads. My store has about a half dozen in stock, in an assortment of colors, for about $260. Except for the current shortage of .380 ammunition, I can’t see a downside to buying one.

So why can’t I bring myself to buy one?


All is well here, generally speaking. The girl child brought home the pig flu, but had so mild a case of it that we dismissed it as “just a cold”. Then the wife became infected, and it knocked her on her ass, despite the early administration of Tamiflu. Somehow, despite caring for both of them, I avoided getting ill. Perhaps the Vitamin C & D I’ve been taking.

Fall is upon us – the leaves are all over the ground and just waiting for me to do something about it. We’ve turned the heat on to help take the chill out of the house in the morning. I’m looking forward to a cold, snowy winter – my favorite time of year.

It looks as though I won’t have time to take a heavily armed walk through the woods this year. It’s a shame, I enjoy doing that. I’ve been meaning to get another hunting rifle – as I’ve continued to upgrade my PBR, it’s gotten heavier and heavier. Great fun and great accuracy from the bench, but I’m not real interested in hauling it through the woods. The current optics on it are a little much for the short-range shots on deer I might be presented with around here, anyway. I’m thinking a nice light .270 with a fixed 4x scope should be more than enough. However, keeping it in .308 makes more sense logistically.


I read today about the newest product offering from Monolithic Domes: Cabins. These are preformed domes that can be trucked in from their factory in Texas. I’m sure shipping a 9-14 ton concrete shell isn’t cheap. The shell itself isn’t cheap either, starting around $15,000 unfinished. But, I still find the concept of a concrete home extremely appealing.

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