Gun Pimp

I snuck out of the office at lunch today to pay a visit to a gun pimp or two, since my plans to do so yesterday got interrupted. My favorite gun store was a little better stocked than the last time I visited, even having three Kel-tec P3ATs in stock at a good price (one of the guns I’m considering). No Glock 20, and as usual, no PTR-91. They actually only had 3 glocks, all in .40S&W – a 22, 23, and 35C. Still about a dozen AR style guns, in the $900-1200 range. One Armalite .50 single-shot for $3K. They still had a bunch of XDs, a handful of SIGs, a bunch of S&W snub revolvers, and a bunch of 1911s.

The second store was much better stocked across the board, about 10 assorted glocks (no G20s), and maybe 2 dozen black rifles. They also had a .50 sitting out on the counter, also in the $3K range – this one with a “short” barrel – probably about 36-40″ OAL. But, I’ve never gotten a particularly good feel from the folks who run this store, so I have yet to do business with them.

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