Grandma Werling

Back in the end of October, I placed an order with MRE Depot. It’s a great place to do business. One of the things I picked up was a sample pack of Grandma Werling products. Here’s a little AAR for you.

I popped open a can of the pork a few weeks ago. Nuked it, dumped it on a couple pieces of bread, and dug in. Flavor and consistency were excellent. A lot of salt taste to it, not surprising considering it’s canned meat. I enjoyed it, and would purchase in case quantities next time. If you’re looking for a little post-Apocalypse flavor, but aren’t ready for long pork, give this stuff a whirl.

Tonight I decided to try the beef and gravy. I popped open the can, and was greeted by a less than pleasant smell. I was staring at something less than Alpo. I’ve actually seen dog food that looked and smelled more appealing. That fact not withstanding, I warmed it in the microwave, and dumped it on some bread. It didn’t smell any better warm, and I was beginning to doubt my ability to eat it. Still, I took a bite. Now, I like a rare steak. However, canned meat should not be anything less than well done in my opinion. Yet, this chunk of beef-like product was a nice pink medium rare inside. The taste was as expected based on the smell. Folks, I wouldn’t feed this stuff to my dogs.

So in summary, BBQ Pork good, Beef and Gravy not good.

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