Status Check

I know I promised more frequent posts, but real life continues to beckon…

We made it through the familial obligations in one piece, even bringing in some nice swag in the process. My wife surprised me with a nice compressor, and coached family members into matching it with appropriate tools. I also got approval to purchase components for a new computer (another off-topic post once assembled, because I’m a geek). In return, she received some shiny baubles.

The driving motivator for the pneumatics was the ongoing remodel of large bits of our house. I’ve got rooms that have been stripped down to the studs, walls that have been torn down only to be rebuilt with bigger closet doors, and a stack of plaster, paneling and carpet in need of disposal. The dumpster will be along next week. I still need to do a bunch of electrical work, pack the walls with fiberglass, then sheet rock and paint. The upshot is I’m growing much better carpentry skills!

I’ve got a couple of bits of gear I’m hoping to do a write-up on, including a Fenix P3D, which has become my new EDC flashlight, and a new Blackberry Bold to which I’ve come to be quite attached (Yuppie Survivalist Communications, I guess).

So, this blog isn’t abandoned, in case anyone was worried….

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