New Survival Gear

Alright, so it’s not nearly as sexy as a new rifle, but it’s taken me a long time to convince the wife we needed one. Largely, I did so by keeping the kitchen freezer so full we couldn’t find anything. ;^) However, her friends helped by organizing a cow buy – we have 1/8 of a free range, grass fed, organic, no hormone, no antibiotic hippie cow coming our way in the near future; hopefully vacuum sealed in serving size portions! Next step is to get a dedicated outlet in place to make it cold now, and then the generator to keep it cold.

I also picked up a pair of glove liners, and a set of sling swivels for my bolt gun… I’m going to stick my 3-point sling on there for hunting this weekend. I expect some funny looks from the folks I’ll be hunting with – they’re a bit traditional!

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