It’s not full yet, Hermit!

Back from hunting. It was an enjoyable, yet totally unsuccessful trip in terms of filling the ice box. The only deer I saw were the two that jumped in front of the Jeep on the drive to camp. I angled the Jeep towards them, but thought better of it at the last second… ;^)

Unfilled tag not withstanding, I still had an excellent time in the woods. Very cold, snowed for about half a day on Friday. I rather liked the gear setup I had, with my Fatboy to my left and my gun in “patrol ready” on the three point to my right. I’ll need to work on mounting the gun from that position – with my parka et al. on I had some problems getting a good cheek weld – and the eye relief is too long.

Excellent discussion time with family in the evening, which is really worth more than the hunting to me right now.

Guess I’ll have to stock that freezer the modern way, with greenbacks.

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