This week’s preps

I made the trip up to the range today. The trip was a disappointment – the pistol pit was reserved for a pistol team practice (unpublished on the club schedule), there were a lot of people there, and it was cold and raining. I don’t mind the cold or rain, but the other two points bothered me. I put a few hundred rounds through my 10/22, and a couple of mags through an AR. The batteries on the AR EOTech crapped out while I was shooting. I carry spare lithium AA batteries in my GHB, but don’t have any dedicated to my range bag, which will soon be remedied. I do carry a set of CR123s (for flashlights) and a 9v (for my electronic hearing protection) in my range bag.

The requisite trip to Cabela’s was acceptably fruitful – I picked up some more reloading components, shown here with some other items delivered during the week.

From Cabela’s I picked up:

  • 100 rds loaded .223 – $23 / 50 rds. This was some of the cheaper stuff.
  • 250 Berry 124gr 9mm FP bullets – I’ve loaded some of the Rainier bullets I’ve been getting, and was disappointed with how much they deform in the process.
  • 100 Barnes TSX 63gr .223 bullets
  • 50 Barnes TSX 165gr .308 bullets
  • 200 55gr .223 FMJ bullets – these have gone up $3 per 100 since the last time I bought them.
  • 100 new .308 brass cases

Deliveries earlier in the week brought:

  • 5000 CCI small rifle primers for .223
  • Barnes Reloading manual #4
  • Speer Reloading manual #14
  • RCBS primer pocket swaging kit – for reloading military brass with crimped primer pockets.
  • (2) 2oz Fox OC spray – I usually keep one by the door as an option for unexpected visitors and to carry with me when taking the dogs for a walk. I also like to keep one in my coat pocket in the cooler seasons (only because that’s when I wear a jacket). These things expire – they lose their propellant pressure over time. When I test fired the one I’ve had by the door for the last couple of years, it just dribbled down my hand. Oops!
  • A Safariland 6004 drop leg holster for a Glock 19 w/ TLR-1 weaponlight. I acquired this in anticipation taking of a rifle class next year. A couple of things about it surprised me, which will eventually make it into a post of it’s own.

I also treated and stored 10 gallons of gasoline. The shortages Hermit is experiencing in Georgia make me think I’m way behind on fuel storage, although prices here have dropped to $3.329 for regular.

This was an expensive week, but since my dollars will be worth much less in the coming weeks, it’s like I’m making money with these purchases.

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