Still Alive…

Sorry I’ve not been posting much lately. I’m working longer hours with the new job, and knocking around the house trying to get everything that needs to be taken care of before winter addressed. I’m also trying to address some of the recent economic & political woes – as always, I feel way behind the curve.

Let’s see… I’ve started a small home remodel that the wife wants completed this winter. One bedroom has had wood paneling since we bought the house. We’ve managed to ignore it for the last 5 years, but now it’s time to do something about it. Underneath the paneling is plaster, in bad condition from having hundreds of nails driven into it. I’m going to take all of that down to the studs, replace and upgrade the electrical, insulate the exterior walls, then put up sheetrock. At the rate I work, this should take me into January. At any rate, I will slightly increase my home’s value, gain some much needed energy efficiency, and add a couple of tools to the workshop.

I’ve got some of the Hermit-recommended canned butter and some other stuff on order from MREDepot. Placing the order made me realize I need to update my storage food inventory – it is badly out of date.

I’ve also got an order of AK magazines coming in this week. I don’t own (or plan to own) an AK rifle at this time, but I figured having some on hand before I can’t buy them any more isn’t a bad thing.

I now have a training class at Suarez scheduled for next year. It’s a Force on Force class – all scenario based, and performed with AirSoft guns. I expect it to be eye-opening and painful.

I did get the varminter upper from Bushmaster last week. I still need optics, and a dedicated bipod (I only have one that gets passed around at the moment). I think I’m going to take the 3.5-10x40mm scope from my PBR, mount it on this gun, and get a slightly stronger scope with MilDots for the .308. This will happen after deer season, since a) I think I’m actually going to get some hunt time this year, and b) I doubt I’ll have time to sight in new optics in the coming months. If you’re interested, I think tomorrow starts the last week of Bushmaster’s Fall Sale. The (mostly) completed gun:

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