Productive Weekend

Didn’t get it posted yesterday, but had a pretty productive weekend. Got the mess of weeds and “ground cover” between my neighbor’s house and mine cleaned out – at least my half of the mess. Turned all of that soil over, by hand, with a shovel, and laid down grass seed. Hopefully it will take off enough that I won’t have more weeds to deal with next year. I’ve only been talking about doing that for six months….

I also got the garden cleaned out after the growing season. It was something of a disappointment this year, despite my excitement over the corn. I must admit I didn’t pay it nearly enough attention during the later summer. But, I’ve cleaned everything out except for some carrots and the pumpkins, spread a few hundred pounds of manure, and planted some garlic for next spring.

Things I want to remember for next year:

  1. Get the seedlings started earlier, and get them in the ground on time.
  2. Broccoli takes up too much space for so little return.
  3. Pole beans, not bush beans. Much easier to deal with.
  4. Trellis the cucumbers again – that works much better.
  5. Let the watermelon grow until it’s ripe.
  6. Knock it off with the cherry / roma tomatoes – we never use them all.
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