Garden Update

At Hermit’s request – a garden update.

The beans are done for the year – I need to rip ’em out and mulch them. Something came through and knocked over about a quarter of the corn – probably a tree rat jumping off the fence. I’ve been referring to it as my very own crop circle. Still, ears of corn are plumping up.

The cherry tomatoes are starting to ripen, and the yellow tomatoes are getting to a good size. My seed-started tomato plants are getting bigger, but haven’t started setting fruit yet – I clearly waited too long this year to a) start them, and 2) transplant them outdoors.

The broccoli is beginning to form heads, the carrots appear to be going like gang-busters. Cucumbers (also a late transplant) are beginning to climb the fence, so I may yet get a few this season.

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