Weekly Update

I’m playing catch-up today… Let’s see what happened this week.

We had a very fast, very violent storm come through Tuesday evening. My huge maple was whipping around like a willow. There were a lot of big branches down around the neighborhood. If I hadn’t had my tree pruned about two weeks ago, it probably would have gotten ugly. Despite having it pruned just a few weeks ago, we snapped off a large section at the top of the tree, costing me another $315 to have the tree company correct the issue. The power was on and off for the 15 minutes the storm raged, before ending in the “on” position – for 15 minutes. Then it went off for 13 hours. Fortunately, the storm had knocked the worst of the heat and humidity from the air. Unfortunately, the repeated power spikes and surges seem to have ruined my kitchen refrigerator, but not the attached freezer. Repairman will be out tomorrow to assess and hopefully fix. The upside to the outage is it pushed the wife over the edge – she now wants a generator so she can run, in order of priority, 1) her hairdryer, 2) the TV, 3) the refrigerator, and 4) the air conditioning. I can only shake my head ruefully, and go buy a genny.

Ron Paul has suspended his presidential campaign, and formed the Campaign for Liberty. I’m still voting for him in the general election.

My seedlings have been hardening off on the porch this week. They’re still small, but I think they’ll go out this weekend. A couple of new pictures of the garden have been posted in the gallery. Here are a couple:

I’m considering going to NTI in 2009. If anyone is interested, it’s in Harrisburg around Memorial Day.

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