Weekend Update

We’ve had quite a bit of rain in the last couple of days. The garden has loved it – most of the corn I planted has come up, the beans are busting out, and the carrots have graced me with their wispy presence. Nothing from the pumpkin or watermelon hills yet, but we will see.

I assembled one of the Stag AR lowers I picked up a couple of months ago. I didn’t take any photos – it looks almost the same as the last build I did, only with a fixed A2 buttstock. I’m planning on this gun being a match / varmint type gun, so I installed a Geissele Match Trigger rather than the Mil-Spec one. It’s a nice two stage, set to 2# 6oz / 3# 6oz. I don’t have an upper for it yet. It will be something like this – 24″ stainless bull barrel in .223 Remington. I toyed with the idea of chambering this gun in .204 Ruger, but decided to stick to a standard caliber. I’ll probably top it with the 3.5-10x Leupold currently on my PBR, and replace that scope with slightly higher magnification MilDot glass.

I started getting ready for gun school by transferring the ammo for the class from it’s cardboard packaging into an ammo can, to eliminate trash and speed reloading. Turns out you can fit 2000 rounds of loose 9mm into a .50 caliber ammo can, but it is DAMN HEAVY. I tried to order another case from AmmoMan to round out the recommended 3000 rounds, but they’re currently out of the 124gr American Eagle I like. I’ve got a couple more weeks to get it, but worst case is I dip into my stash.

My wife’s off to Europe for work this week, so I’m on my own. Wish me luck.

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