For the Long Term

As promised, I took some time to prepare some food for long term storage – sealed in Mylar protected by Homer buckets.

I started my stopping by BJ’s on the way home from the office. Their stock of rice was low, but not gone – maybe 2000 pounds available, not including Minute Rice and the sort. There were no signs indicating limits or rationing. Cost was $20.99 / 50# sack. I stocked up on a couple of other items and headed home.

Once home, I filled up all the bags, threw in some oxygen absorbers, and sealed them up with the Foodsaver. As expected, it was not able to vacuum seal the bags, but it did seal them nicely. The oxygen absorbers will do a good job of creating a slight vacuum.

It’s not a whole lot – 50# rice, 25# sugar, 8# pasta, 5# salt – but it’s a start, and I already feel better for having it.

All photos in the gallery.

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