Jeep Photos

John’s posting about his sexy new jeep reminded me that I hadn’t posted any pictures of the Jeep I got in December. So with no further ado:

I’ve had it for almost two months now. I’ve put about 1700 miles on it, including the Vermont trip. I’m seeing about 12-14mpg local driving, and 17-19mpg highway. That’s better than I expected from a 5.7L V-8 HEMI. This vehicle is obscenely fun to drive. I’m managing to behave myself with the accelerator, but every once and a while, I mash it just to hear the engine roar. It still puts a smile on my face.

The heated seats have surprisingly become one of my favorite features. I’ve been hitting the switch as soon as I start the car, even when the thermometer says 50 degrees out. That heat works its way deep into my back and feels great. I’ve pretty much stopped listening to FM radio in favor of MP3 CDs. I can fit about 10 albums on a single disk, and with a 6 disk changer, that’s a LOT of music. I’m not terribly impressed with the Sirius satellite radio. It functions fine, but there are so many selections, and very few of them appeal to me. I likely will not renew the subscription when my trial expires.

I’ve been considering what modifications the car requires for my purposes. I need to get a rear seat cover for the dogs – I don’t want them tearing up the leather with their claws. I think a nice set of PIAA or Hella driving lights will look good on the front – I’m undecided on topping or dangling from the front bumper. Another option I saw was mounting small, rectangular lights to the underside of the front roof rack (similar to this). That’s something I will look into. I hadn’t planned on re-installing my hide-away strobes, but after the Vermont “disaster”, I’m seriously reconsidering. After 12 years of having blinky lights on my vehicles, I don’t like the idea of sitting on the side of the road with just hazard flashers. I left my fire extinguisher in my XJ when I sold it, so I need to pick up a new one for this car. And, I’m thinking about a trailer brake controller now, so I have one should I need it. Low priority, though. Once the weather warms up, I’ll get under the hood and see how to go about it all.

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